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Faith Promise

Faith Promise & Potluck Dinner


We will be having our Annual Faith Promise service on April 30th, at 10:45. Steve & Amanda Pettit will be with us in the Service. They have served in the local church as pastor, missionaries to Hatti and the Dominican, and are currently serving in inner city missions in Fort Worth, as a part of the Crossroads Tabernacle church of the Nazarene.

Faith Promise gives us the opportunity to financialy support the work of missions throughout the year, and not simply with a one time offering. In truth, we are typically able to invest more when we spread our gift over the corse of a year. This past year, y'all have given tremendously to missions through Faith Promise giving.

Following the service we'll be sharing in a Potluck dinner. You'll want to be with us for the service and then time of fellowship immediatly following.